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Miami Jazz and Blues Guitar specializes in catering to South Floridians who desire top notch guitar instruction within the comfort of their own home. All our lessons are specially tailored around each individual’s musical needs and goals by an experienced and certified guitar teacher. We work with all levels of proficiency (beginner, intermediate and advanced) as well as students of all ages.

In-home lessons are available throughout all of South Miami, North Miami, Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale, Plantation, Weston, Boca Raton, Coral Springs, and more! Please visit our CONTACT page for pricing and more information.

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Although we are primarily known for our Jazz & Blues guitar lessons, we take pride in teaching a variety of styles ranging from Classical to Latin Guitar. In addition we offer a customized program for children ages 8 and up! For more information on each of our programs please contact us or check out the following links:

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Young students of Richie Zellon  @ Miami Jazz Guitar improvise over “All the things You Are”

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The Jazz Guitarist Signature Series  is a collection of short video lessons which explore the improvisational style of an influential artist within the history of jazz guitar. This is done through a  transcribed phrase, mostlikely played over a reoccurring harmonic cadence (eg. II-V-I). Video and downloadable pdf music/tab/mp3’s  are included for your learning convenience. Subscription is FREE!

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(Note: these lessons are aimed toward the intermediate to advanced player).

We Offer Preparation for Entry To All Major Music Schools

For the career minded student, we offer preparation and referrals for entry into all major music schools! Throughout the years many of our students have been admitted to Berklee College Of Music, North Texas University, University Of Miami, FIU and more.

Blues Guitar

We don’t just teach jazz guitar! If you are looking for blues guitar lessons in Miami or South Florida, you have also come to the right place so read on…

Blues guitar lessons are fun and ideal not only for the beginner who already loves this genre but for the aspiring  jazz or rock guitarist as well. It is a known fact that both these styles evolved from the blues. As a matter of fact, most if not every first and second generation “classic rock” guitarist claims to have learned the blues first and foremost. The list is long but here are just a few names you’ll most likely be familiar with: Jimi Hendrix,  Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Keith Richards, Carlos Santana, Eddie Van Halen, Duane Allman, etc. So what does all of this mean especially to the aspiring rock player?  It’s been said that if you drink from the same well that they all did, you’re bound to nourish yourself with similar results when it comes to your playing. Why waste time reinventing the wheel? In other words, studying their roots will give you the strongest foundation as well as technical resources to play at their level!  Of course you will have to practice…
So here are 2 lists of traditional blues players that have influenced many of the best all time rock guitarists. It is recommended that you listen to them and learn all about the various components of their respective styles. This is something we teach the blues students who enroll at Miami Jazz Guitar.

Electric Blues Guitarists:

Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy

-BB King

-Freddie King

-Albert King

-Albert Collins

-Buddy Guy

-T Bone Walker

-John Lee Hooker

-Hubert Sumlin

-Muddy Waters (slide guitarist)

-Elmore James (slide guitarist)

-Otis Rush

-Lowell Fulson

-Luther Allison

Acoustic -Fingerstyle Blues Guitarists:

-Robert Johnson

-Son House

-Mississippi John Hurt

-Lightning Hopkins

-Skip James

-Big Bill Broonzy

-Blind Blake

-Blind Willie Johnson

-Blind Boy Fuller

Keep in mind that the previous lists consist exclusively of traditional Black American blues guitarists. Some more recent influential blues players worthy of mention are Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter, Robben Ford and again most of the initially mentioned “classic rock” guitarists such as Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix.

If you are serious about learning the blues and happen to be in the Miami/ South Florida area, be sure to contact us for guitar lessons.


Classical Guitar

The study of Classical Guitar undoubtedly provides the most solid foundation when first learning to play the instrument. This is in part due to the fact that unlike most other styles, Classical Guitar repertoire is written to be performed “solo” without the need of accompaniment from additional instruments. Consequently, it was with this mindset that the famed virtuoso Andres Segovia likened the guitar to a “mini orchestra”.

Classical Guitar lessons emphasize learning the proper right/left hand technique in order to successfully be able to execute your choice selections from its vast repertoire. This is achieved through a series of graduated studies or etudes written to aid in the development of the aforementioned techniques. These etudes are part of a timeless tradition in the study of Classical Guitar authored by various masters of the genre such as Carcassi, Carrulli, Sor, Giulliani and Tarrega.

If you are serious about learning Classical Guitar in the Miami/South Florida area, be sure to contact us for lessons.


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