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“It is with enthusiasm that I await my weekly guitar lesson. Richie Zellon’s knowledge of the instrument  has brought me a new inspiration and dedication to the art. Through theory and practical examples he leads you into the world of jazz. Every lesson is packed with new ideas to develop your musical expression. If you are serious about the guitar I strongly recomend the Miami Jazz Guitar experience.”

-Arles Suarez (Miami )

“I just started playing guitar in my forties and have been taking lessons with Richie Zellon for a little over nine months.  I’m amazed at how much guitar I’ve learned in that time.He has a systematic method to teach the fundamental principles and techniques that gets you playing music right away.  And the pacing is just right.  I have a family with two small kids and a busy professional life and can practice for only a little while each day but I’ve been able to cover a lot of ground even with these other commitments.  I heartily recommend Richie as a teacher! “

-Ted McCutcheon (Coconut Grove)

“Thanks  to Richie Zellon I am learning the art of jazz  guitar. Richie has been teaching me for a little over two  years. He has taught me all my scales, chords, theory and  history. If you want to learn jazz guitar I recommend  Richie. He has an organized system that allows people on  it to gain experience faster than those not on the system.”

-Andrew Hyde ( Miami Arts Charter School )

“I have been studying guitar with Richie for almost 2 years and I look forward to my lesson all week. Every lesson is fun and enjoyable, and even when the material is challenging for me, Richie is kind and patient and helps me master it. I have learned so much from my lessons and I am excited to continue to learn. Richie has really instilled in me a love for the guitar.”

-Avigail Yerushalmi (Surfside)

“I am grateful to Richie Zellon for his talent and didactic style of teaching. His skill and patience help keep the student encouraged and continually interested in pursuing the instrument.”

-Andres Mata (Aventura)

“Studying under Richie Zellon is the best decision I have ever made. His multifaceted lessons teach you all about the blues and jazz idioms. There is no doubt that you will learn!

-Jose Soto (Miami Lakes)


I am a largely  self taught  guitar player who s been at it for about 30 years. After studying the instrument with Richie for almost a year now, my playing has evolved in ways that I never would have thought possible. From Jazz to Blues to Rock, Richie s teaching methods and guidance have breathed new life into my guitar playing. THANK YOU RICHIE!

 –Joel Kessler  (Hollywood)

“In 1 year Richie’s comprehensive teaching style has  opened up doors in my playing that were closed for the
past 20 years. I highly recommend lessons with Richie  to  anyone interested in incorporating  jazz music into their playing.”

Darren Bruck (Miami)

“You can teach old dogs new tricks, this goes also  for  old guys trying to  learn jazz guitar, I’m living  proof.  However this takes a  skilled and patient  teacher.  Richie Zellon is unique, its  that  rare  blend of musical  talent and teaching skills that  makes  him such an effective guitar teacher. He  can tell where the student is at and help him acquire new guitar  skills. If  your serious about learning how to play guitar Richie is your guy.”

-Osvaldo Lom (Miami)

“Richie Zellon is an amazing teacher! Since I started lessons with him I have progressed musically further than I ever could have . If you are looking for a jazz guitar teacher, I recommend Richie.”

-AJ Lopez-Lima (Coral Gables)

“Lessons with Richie present me with an amazing  opportunity to advance my skills through an  organized  and well thought out program to become  the player I  have always dreamed of. I have studied  with him for 2  years now, and I have made tons of  progress!”

 -Harrison Diskin (Krop High School / Hollywood)

 “Richie Zellon is an amazing teacher. He has  taught me  numerous things about the guitar,  voicings, soloing,  chord-melody, and how to be an  overall better  guitarist. As a teacher he is  very mellow, he’s funny, and  teaches you things  that are easy to understand but there is depth to  what he is telling you ,and it all makes sense. Ever since I started taking lessons with him I have been getting occasional comments from musicians or music teachers about my improvement, and I owe most of that to Richie for being such a good teacher. ”

-Jan Esbra (Arts & Minds High School / Coconut Grove )

“Richie Zellon is by far the best guitar Instructor I have had the fortune to receive instruction from. Since I’ve started  lessons with  Richie I have noticed great  improvement in my playing,  and sight reading.  In addition to being taught by a  master, I find  myself learning quicker and receiving a real  foundation. I will forever thank Richie for his  great advice, knowledge, and patience”.

-Andy Gonzales (Arts & Minds High School / Coconut Grove)

” I’m impressed with the range of music knowledge Richie  has, lessons are professional, direct, and real..Richie  took  me to a level i couldnt get to on my own..”

-Alain Erriguible (Miami)

“As far as I’m concerned Richie Zellon is the best…knowledge, patience, and ability place him at the top…but his willingness to figure out how an individual learns and then tailor the lesson to that person is gold for any level student…I recommend him without reservation!”

-Dan Dale Jr. (Coral Springs)

 To Richie Zellon: “I just wanted to let you know that I was accepted into Berklee. I also want to tell you that it wouldn’t have been possible without the lessons I have had from you. You are by far the best guitar teacher I have ever had and I really appreciate all that you have taught me.”

-Alex Suarez (Berklee College of Music Student)

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