The study of Classical Guitar undoubtedly provides the most solid foundation when first learning to play the instrument. This is in part due to the fact that unlike most other styles, Classical Guitar repertoire is written to be performed “solo” without the need of accompaniment from additional instruments. Consequently, it was with this mindset that the famed virtuoso Andres Segovia likened the guitar to a “mini orchestra”.

Classical Guitar lessons emphasize learning the proper right/left hand technique in order to successfully be able to execute your choice selections from its vast repertoire. This is achieved through a series of graduated studies or etudes written to aid in the development of the aforementioned techniques. These etudes are part of a timeless tradition in the study of Classical Guitar authored by various masters of the genre such as Carcassi, Carrulli, Sor, Giulliani and Tarrega.

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Fernando Sor